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It is very easy to overlook your dental health until things go wrong. If you are looking for tips and advice which will help you to take better care of your teeth and gums, you have come to the right place. On this blog you will discover lots of useful articles which will cover topics such as the correct way to brush your teeth, how to spot the signs of gum disease, and the importance of using floss. While none of us when to dentistry school, we are all committed to learning all we can about how best to improve our dental health.


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3 Reasons Clear Aligners Are Ideal for Adults

There is no significant difference between braces worn by adults and those worn by children. It means that both children and adults can wear metallic or clear braces depending on preference. However, clear braces are much more popular among adults than metallic braces. Why is this case, although both are designed to perform the same function? This article highlights the reason clear braces are the perfect choice for an adult. 


Unlike children, adults are conscious of the effects of braces on their self-confidence. For instance, if you work in an office where social gatherings are an everyday thing, metallic braces will make you self-conscious. The reason is that metallic braces are more conspicuous, even those made of silver. Although age is not a factor in brace selection, adults have to think about discretion when choosing. Clear aligners are exceptionally discreet and equally effective dental solutions. They are difficult to notice even when someone gets up close. The discreetness plays a significant role in boosting one's confidence, particularly in social gatherings. Therefore, if you have been avoiding meet-ups with friends because of your braces, you will not regret replacing your metallic braces with clear aligners.

Fewer Checkup Visits 

Apart from school, children are not busy people. It means that parents can schedule checkup visits at any time for braces examination. However, adults do not have the luxury of free time whenever they want. Thus, you cannot schedule a checkup visit with your orthodontist any time you want. If you wear traditional braces, you will have difficulties keeping up with frequent visits to a dentist for adjustments. In contrast, clear aligners do not have movable parts and require fewer visits to the orthodontist's office. Therefore, you can go about daily tasks without worrying about an upcoming checkup.

No Discoloration 

If you love wine or coffee, traditional braces should be the last thing on your mind. Your teeth are more prone to discolouration oration, mainly if you are not thorough brushing or flossing. It can be attributed to the fact that traditional braces have fixed brackets in direct contact with the enamel. Therefore, incorrect brushing after eating or drinking will leave the areas around the bracket discoloured, while sections under brackets will remain white. It is different with clear aligners since you can remove them when brushing since nothing is getting in your way. Therefore, the braces will ensure that you retain sparkling white teeth even after orthodontic treatment while still allowing you to drink your beverage of choice. 

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