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It is very easy to overlook your dental health until things go wrong. If you are looking for tips and advice which will help you to take better care of your teeth and gums, you have come to the right place. On this blog you will discover lots of useful articles which will cover topics such as the correct way to brush your teeth, how to spot the signs of gum disease, and the importance of using floss. While none of us when to dentistry school, we are all committed to learning all we can about how best to improve our dental health.


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Ways to Keep Your Clear Braces Clean and Hygienic

When you dream of a straighter smile, clear braces are usually the dream. In addition to aligning your teeth, they're discreet and often comfortable. If you're new to trying Invisalign-like braces, you need to know how to clean them properly. In doing so, you'll enjoy a healthier brace-wearing experience. 

Avoid Eating and Drinking When Wearing Them

You'll spend most hours of the day wearing your clear braces. Although you might find it easy to adhere to hygiene rules at first, they may soon start to feel cumbersome. When that happens, the temptation to eat and drink with your aligners in in may start.

Eating and drinking while your braces are in introduces bacteria to them. Over time, this could increase your risk of gum disease. You also have a higher risk of bad breath, plus you could cause unwanted stains on your teeth.

Soak Them at Least Once Per Day

While your braces aren't in your mouth, it's wise to soak them at least once per day. Soaking your retainer when it isn't in use prevents it from coming into contact with harmful bacteria. It also stops you from misplacing your aligners or accidentally sitting on them.

After using a soaking solution that your dentist recommends, brush your retainers gently to remove any remaining particles. Before placing them back into your mouth, make sure you brush and floss thoroughly. It's the best way to remove hidden particles that could cause damage or increase your risk of gum disease.

Always Rinse Them After Removal

Before you place your clear braces into a cleaning solution, make sure that you rinse them. Both dry saliva and plaque act as magnets for bacteria, and they'll soon start to breed once they reach your braces.

Rinsing with clean water is usually sufficient. If you drop your retainers at any stage, rinse them again just to stay safe.

Clean Your Fingers Before Removing Them

You won't need to remove your retainers often during the day, so it's a good idea to make sure you do so hygienically. Even with the best of intentions, your fingers will harbour bacteria that could get onto your retainers and cause bacterial overgrowth.

If you need to remove your clear braces while you're in public, make sure that you're carrying hand sanitiser. Accessing handwashing facilities isn't always possible, but hand sanitiser is the next best thing.

With a little care and concentration, keeping your Invisalign braces clean is easy. To make life simpler, try creating a daily cleaning routine you can stick to.